FULL NAME: Samuel Dale Turner

AGE & DATE OF BIRTH: 29 & March 24, 1987



OCCUPATION: Bartender at The Bar

Sam D. Turner

"Now two flags fly above my land that really sum up how I feel. One is the colors that fly high and proud the red, the white, the blue. The other ones got a rattlesnake with a simple statement made "Don't tread on me" is what it says and I'll take that to my grave because, this is me I'm proud to be American and strong in my beliefs."

- aaron lewis

Born and raised a southern Texan, Sam grew up around The HellsReapers MC, Everman chapter. His father had been the President, and founding a member until he retired. While Sam grew up with different dreams, really the dream of being a Professional Wrestler, when the topic of prospecting came up, he never knew of another answer than of course. Sam had watched his father build up the Everman Chapter his whole life, as he was born while they were carving out their territories. Sam never misses a chance to ride with his Dad from time to time when he gets the chance too. Sam enjoyes the road and going places new and old.

Sam stayed in school, to many of his friends' surprise as he'd rather drink a beer than take a SAT. He is dyslexic so he had a hard time getting through school, having to teach himself ways to learn. He was far from a valadictorian, but he does have a High School Diploma. In 2005, after he graduated he started to prospect for the Chapter. At first he was afraid he'd dissapoint his Dad and all the Good Ole' Boys, but that didn't last long as Same eventually proved himself quite the brute.

When Sam was a new patch he was more than a hellian. Once he got his feet wet and discovered that he had a nack for beating people up he was the first to volunteer to clean up a mess or teach someone a lesson. He garnered a lot of heat from the PD from being what they considered a delquient fighter. Eventually landing him a small bid in the county jail. He did his time and enjoyed the welcome home party when he got out. After a few years he settled down a bit, at first Cole had assumed that it was due to him getting older, he was wrong. Sam had found a sweet little lady.

Things were pretty hot and heavy for Sam and the little lady for a while. Things got intense and then fizzled out. A rival club member had been sleeping with his lady for a while and ended up getting her pregnant. While Sam and Cole got to feel the short lived excitement of potential fatherhood and Grandfatherhood it didn't last long. Following a fight the little lady had came out about her infidelities to first Sam and then the Rival. While Sam geared up and made a few calls, first to Cole then to the VP, The Rival made his move and attacked Sam's house. A shoot out insued which led to a police chase and an eventual man-hunt. Luckily for Sam he knew how to move around, as he's better than a bloodhound when it comes to navigating. He laid low at various Chapter's, on Cole's order, while the Rival went through the court system and got attempted murder charges.

Once he came home the police had a few questions, which he didn't really give answers too. He hung around the clubhouse for a few weeks and to his surprise the little lady showed up. She was immideately removed and banned from any Reaper grounds for the rest of her life. Sam never knew what happened to her, he assumed the worst.

Sam was one of the first people that knew Cole was going to retire. While Sam had mixed feelings about it. He knew there were a great group of guys that had been built up to take over for his old man. A few years after his old man retired, Chris Sawyer retired leaving his officer position vacant for about six months, he decided to appeal to the new President on becoming the new Road Captain. He felt very honored that the guys he'd grew up with and had faith in him. As of 2013 Sam has been the Road Captain of the Everman Reaper Chapter.

After Cole's retirement Sam spent a lot of time around other chapters, really just acting like a messanger service between presidents. They never asked him to do it, but it helped him cope with not seeing his dad around like he used too. While in Midland in 2013 he met a gorgeous woman who righted all the wrong from his past relationship. Her name was Colby Moreo. She was older than him, but that didn't seem to bother either of them. Instantly they hit it off. He took her everywhere with him. He loved having her around. It was hard, he lived in Everman and she in Midland. She ran a bar while he did whatever money making job he could find, which was usually construction or grunt work. After about a year and a half he grew cautious, they were fighting, but nothing too serious, little stuff. They needed more time together, but with him living in one city and her another neither were happy with even the smallest amount of distance. Eventually in the Fall of 2014 Sam broke it off with her.

They remained friends, well friends with distance. They finally found eachother at a joint club get together in May of 2015. Sam didn't waste time trying to charm her, in his heart he still loved her and had about one thing on his mind that entire night once he found her. They ended up sleeping together in a one night stand revival romance. While he wasn't completely happy that it had played out like that, he also knew there wasn't much of a shot when it came to their relationship because of how they ended. In July of 2015 Sam found out Colby was pregnant, worried, excited, scared, and happy he promised her he'd always be there for the baby, but was very quiet on where it would take them or how it could potentially play out. Sam hated drama and this was honestly the worst thing that could have happened to him, but he wasn't about to bitch out on Colby as far as the baby was concerned.

On January 31, 2016 a beautiful little girl named Everlie Grace was born. She was his world, and he did everything he could for her. Which meant that he was committed to being as civil as possible with Colby. She was the mother of his child and still somewhat the love of his life. Even now with Sam temporarily living in Midland he's still working out his feelings for Colby.

PERSONALITY Sam identifies as an extrovert, but most assume he's an introvert because in most circumstances the don't involve alcohol he's very quiet. A man of few words unless he is drunk or angry, which as he gets older is fewer and fewer on at least the anger part. He cares about people, with large empasis on the club and their affiliates with every fiber in his being. He is the literal definition of 'Give the shirt off his back' kind of guy. He loves being outdoors and on dessert runs will often sleep out next to his bike. He has no problem being refered to as security guard. He also in private wears his heart on his sleeve as a hopeless romantic.

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Sam is a well built guy. Kind of stocky covered in scars and tattoos. He stands at 5'11", while not the tallest guy around, he carries himself as if he were 7 foot. He has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. He wears a short clean beard, unless he's on a long run in which it does get unkempt. He does have a slightly crooked nose, from the many years of fighting. He also has both ears pierced.

TATTOOS Wings around a heart with Colby in the middle on ribcage
Shhh on index finger
Good and Evil sleeve
Respect across chest
Second Amendment tribute on back

Cole Turner• father • 60
b. febuary 19, 1956
Former President and a founding member of the Everman Hell's Reapers Chapter. Now splits his time between Everman and Florida, giving his wife her dream retirement.

Misty Turner • mother • 57
b. august 13, 1959.
Former beauty queen, turned Old Lady. Always a homemaker, Misty now lives happily retired with Cole between Everman and Florida.

Namelesss Turner • brother • 32
b. 00 00, 1984
Always close, literally can call how Sam will act before ever does.

Everlie Dahlia • Daughter • 6 mos.
b. jan 31, 2016
Little baby girl. Daddys princess.

FACTS ▸ Enjoys being a Bartender, and even wants to own his own bar eventually.

▸ His favorite beer is Budweiser.

▸ Original boyhood aspiration was to grow up to be a professional wrestler and wrestle with Macho Man Randy Savage.

▸ Enjoys visiting his parents when he has the chance and is happy they're safe away from the drama going down in Everman.

▸ Enjoys fishing and deer hunting when in season.

▸ Refuses to let his dad sell his original bike, in fact when his Dad even talked about parting it down and trying to rebuild it he hid his father's bike from him as he looks at it like a piece of history.

▸ Was known for a long time around Christmas as the "Naked Santa" at the Everman Parties, because he'd spend the whole evening in red silky boxers and a fake white curly beard and his boots.

▸ Lost the best relationship he had because he was selfish and didn't think that they would have worked with distance being a factor.