Tinlee Sterling


Tinlee Grace Sterling Name Tin, Ten, Grace, T Nicknames 05/15/1997 Birthday Taurus SIGN
Realtor Occupation Caffeine, Music, Sunsets Addictions I have High Standards Relationship Status ENFJ-t Personality


Tinlee Grace Sterling, such a sweet name for a sweet child, at least that is what her parents thought when she was born. James was the most loved reverend in Las Venturas. He always wanted the perfect family. He and Holly had two kids, the oldest a son Cain and then sweet Tinlee. The lord however first blessed them with three, the third being a stillborn twin brother of Cain, righteously named Abel. Her father much preferred her middle name as it was biblical so she was his Grace. The name Grace also had deep meaning to the Sterling family going back to the Patriarch of the Family, Jesse. Tinlee thought she had a normal teenage life. The typical heartbreak and melodramatic high school years while also very sheltered. She believed in whatever words her father sold. Usually at the cost of fierce critism from her friends and classmates. That was until Cain joined the Devil's Disciples. Slowly her father’s words were met with questions. This broke the religious man's heart. Tinlee and Cain were almost in full blown rebellion mode. Cain’s new lifestyle opened her once sheltered eyes. While she always kept her brother’s life at an arm's length, there were many connections she made through his MC. Some that may just last her a lifetime. Quickly after highschool she knew that Las Venturas wasn’t going to sustain her future. Off to the University of Los Santos she went her future in what she wasn’t quite sure. Then came the mentor that she never knew she needed. She was a strong powerful woman that Tinlee admired strongly. She wanted to follow directly in her footsteps. She chose Real Estate and knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. During her third year at the University both of her parents tragically died in a car accident caused by a druken driver. The pain wasn't enough to keep her from finishing her plans. She wanted to make something of herself. Prove that her life wasn't just a walking tragedy. Graduating Salutatorian in 2018 she decided that she was going to stay in Los Santos for her foreseeable future. She loved it more than she ever did Las Venturas.

Appearance & Traits

Black Hair Color Green Eye Color 105 LBS Weight 5'6" Height
Arm: both full Sleeve. Chest and Back. Thigh and right calf. Tattoos Left Nostal, Right Monroe. Piercings Right Handed Handiness Black, Teal, Grey, Dark Blue Favorite Color
✛ Genuine
✛ Nonviolent , for the most part
✛ Charming
⤫ Stubborn
⤫ Bottles her emotions
⤫ Judegmental


Name SoonTM

Sterling Realty

Info Coming Sooon
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