You can call me the bad guy
full name Winter Emilia Montgomery acceptable nicknames Winter, Montgomery date of birth 10 January 1993 residence Mirror Park relationship status Married to the Job occupation Rookie Officer

Born and raised in Los Santos, Winter grew up a very middle aged lifestyle. Her parents worked hard to provide for their five children. Jake and Logan were born first and second respectively both going into the military to serve the country. Winter idolized her brothers and thought nothing less that idols of them both. Knowing that she was never in their leagues she set her sights on something more attainable. Graduating highschool she went into University to study criminal justice, with hopes of being a US Marshall someday. While her brother's would defend the big boarders she would defend the homeline.

While studying her younger sister fell ill, cancer. Her family wasn't able to help her pay for her university any longer as Claire's health was priority. Not wanting to give up her dream she took a gap year to be able to work hard enough to continue to afford her


Keith Montgomery
Paige Montgomery
Jake Montgomery
Logan Montgomery
Claire Montgomery